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Cycling Events in the Dordogne: Races and Festivals for Every Level

Calling all bike enthusiasts: the Dordogne region of France is not only home to scenic cycling routes, but also a vibrant calendar of races and festivals for cyclists of all levels 🚴‍♀️. From amateur rides to elite competitions, there’s an event for everyone, so get ready to embrace the joie de vivre of French cycling culture! In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the most popular cycling events in the Dordogne, ensuring you have a roue good time! 🇫🇷🚲

1. La Périgordine – Beginner to Advanced Cyclists 🚴‍♂️

Taking place annually in late June, La Périgordine is a “cyclosportive” event that caters to all levels of cyclists. The race offers multiple circuits, ranging from 30 km to 200 km, traversing through the historic towns and picturesque landscapes of the Périgord region. Whether you’re a leisurely cyclist or a competitive rider, La Périgordine is an exciting opportunity to challenge yourself and discover the Dordogne’s charming countryside.

2. Le Tour du Périgord – Competitive Cyclists 🚴‍♀️

An essential date for experienced cyclists is Le Tour du Périgord, a thrilling road race that takes place in May. Covering approximately 160 km, the race attracts elite cyclists from the region and beyond. Keen riders will revel in the grueling yet exhilarating course, which winds through the Dordogne’s rolling hills and quaint villages. Come along to experience the camaraderie, cheer on the racers, or even partake in the competition yourself!

3. The Dordogne Valley Vélo Fest – Families and Casual Cyclists 🚲

If a family-friendly and cultural cycling event is what you’re after, look no further than the Dordogne Valley Vélo Fest! Held annually in September, this inclusive celebration welcomes bike lovers of every age and experience, with a wide array of activities that will delight the young and old:

  • Participate in themed rides, exploring the history, gastronomy, and sights of the Dordogne Valley.
  • Children can join dedicated kids’ rides to develop their cycling skills and spark lifelong passion for the sport.
  • Attend workshops, film screenings, and live performances throughout the event weekend, creating a truly immersive cycling festival atmosphere.

4. Randonnées VTT – Mountain Bikers 🚵‍♂️

For the off-road biking enthusiasts, Dordogne’s thriving mountain biking scene offers numerous randonnées VTT (mountain bike rides) throughout the year. Ranging from leisurely family rides to demanding, all-day excursions, there’s a trail for every mountain biker. Keep an eye out for local clubs and tourist offices, which often announce upcoming events – they’re a great way to explore the wild side of the Dordogne and connect with like-minded cyclists.

5. Vintage Vélo – Lovers of Classic Bikes 🛵

Step back in time and pay homage to the golden era of cycling with Vintage Vélo events! Typically held in the summer months, these nostalgic rides invite enthusiasts to don period clothing and ride vintage bikes through the picture-perfect landscapes of the Dordogne. The relaxed pace and convivial atmosphere make it an ideal event for participants of all ages, sharing a mutual love for the history and beauty of cycling.

With such a diverse array of cycling events awaiting you in the Dordogne region, there’s never been a better time to jump on your bike and explore this enchanting part of France. Whether you’re an amateur cyclist or an accomplished rider, the Dordogne has an event that’s perfect for you. So come along and experience the magic for yourself – à bientôt! 🇫🇷🚴‍♂️

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